Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DO I have a Guru?

I always find my self in these deep, yet enlightening conversations with my ART massage therapist. The last time (a few days ago) we talked of many things: religion, my son & parenting, (as he is yet to have children of his own I find his "ideas" are sometimes a little funny) tooth paste, dental issues and.. being disappointed by ones Guru(s).

This I have been considering. Many Doctors, Midwives and Doulas have inspired me over the past. I have grown a list of sorts 'Birthing Professionals" which have been an idol to me in some way. I have thought them each to be without a flaw.
Then I am almost always shocked by something I learn about each, and I become disappointed how could this be? Learning that these people to are human! That there are going to be things about all of them I find to be unbelievable. Walking away I have always come to the conclusion that no matter else they may stand for, I have learned amazing valuable things from them. It's not like they are my Guru... but only one of many teachers along my way.

My massage therapist pointed out the spelling of guru.
This I found to be an interesting point. I am my own guru! I make of my self what I am to be. No idols needed just teachers, trainers, and mentors.