Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birth is like playing POOL... you gotta know your angles!

One of my favourite hobbies is attending Education workshops and sessions about childbirth.

Yesterday evenings Education session taught by Loree Hosted by the local Doula Association left me once again in awe of the amazing female anatomy and the miracle of childbirth.

It's not all about the knowledge of the four pelvic types of women though this is very important. Using the Caldwell-Moloy system Loree explained the surprisingly wide variety of combinations of these four very different pelvic shapes.

More importantly is knowing how to assist each type of pelvis when fetal presentation raises an issue or restrictions to the labouring woman. Then knowing her pelvis shape and how to maneuver a fetus through it can be experience changing.

What type of pelvis do you have? In just a few short and painless exercises you can find out.

This morning I have gone to my book sources and made a few purchases for my Doula library after attending this amazing education session.

(just few books off of) Loree's recommended reading for all birth professionals.

The Female Pelvis
The Labor Progressions Handbook
The Belly Mapping Workbook

Patiently waiting for my books!