Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions & Reflections

Starting this off with my current hopes and dreams or "My Resolution" for 2011.

To get my hands busy in some knitting and crocheting again.
Reading some books I already have before buying more.
Taking some artistic classes locally.
Taking Hypnobirthing training.
Relaxing, putting my focus on the health and well being of me and my fetus.
Then Back into Derby.

2010 was an amazing year! Looking back I know I could not have done it with out my family. SO Thanks to all of you My Shaner, Mummy, DC, Pookie, Dad & Keith. I don't know how we did do it. (My hormonal preggo brain can't get passed how tiring just thinking about it all is)

In the beginning of last year my big resolutions were to be the best Doula I could be, assisting as many clients through the birth of there choice as I could.
Getting my certification with DONA International.
Continuing my education as a childbirth supporter.

I was honoured to be chosen to support many couples and families through their childbirth and postpartum
experiences. I have kept records of certain details of the out come of each labour, birth and other fun facts! Some of the Statistics over the past year I found very interesting.

Age Group of Clients
16-20 12% . 21-25 45% . 26-30 35% . 30-35 8%

Number of Children
1st time Mother's 71% . 2nd time Mother's 14% . 3rd time Mother's 9% . 5th time Mother's 3% . 6th Time Mother's 3%

Weight of Babies
Biggest 10 lbs 12 oz, Smallest 5 lbs 2 oz, Average 8 lbs 6 oz

Clients breastfeeding 96%

Hours in Labour
5-10 hours 3% . 10-15 hours 26% . 15-20 hours 30% . 20-25 hours 20% . 25-30 hours 18% . 30-35 hours 3%

Spontaneous Vaginal Birth 97% . Unexpected Surgical Birth 3%

Pain Medication
Epidurals 23% . Other 11%

Induction Medication/Procedures
Induced Labour 26% . Augmentation 32% . Assisted Rupture of Membranes 31%

Less than 38 weeks 3% . Over 42 weeks 26%

Deliver with an Obstetrician 46%
Deliver with a Family Doctor 38%
Deliver with Other Medical Professional 16%

Father of Baby present during Labour 82%
Father of Baby Not present during Labour 18%

I became Certified with
DONA International in March. This was a longer process than I had thought it would. Making me all the more proud once I received my certificate, name tag and the privilege of using the initials CD(DONA) after my name. I had thought this was a big deal. It was! But at the time I didn't understand how much more was to be required of me. Learning to bite my tongue till it bled, keeping my self from gasping to the point that I almost explode, and holding an eye roll making me dizzy. Up holding the name of Doula's in my area by a professional conduct becoming to a Doula at all times was not easy in the thick of it all and continuity of care for each and every client even when there are only an hours break between. I got what I wished for and I am a better Doula because of it... but had I known then what I know now, I might have changed my wish.

My continuing education for the year of 2010 began in April with a bang! A trip to
The Farm, located near a little place called Summer Town so small many people living nearby didn't even know it was there or could give directions, all just outside of Nashville Tennessee. I have dreamt of seeing this place since I was about 14. The reality of it in person was far beyond what I had imagined, The Farm really existed! Then meeting Ina May Gaskin, sitting under her trainings and teachings was awesome. But meeting Pamela Hunt and her daughter-in-law Stacy Hunt 2 of the famous The Farm Midwives among many others, they did not disappoint. Learning from these women was one of the greatest things I may ever experience in my whole life.
In May I participated in the "Politics Boundaries and Change Workshop" taught by Sheri Deveney and Nicki Albrecht DONA International approved trainers to our local community of doulas. An insightful workshop on the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practise and the perception of Doulas as professionals.
Later in May I took Postpartum Doula training from Do Stier DONA International approved trainer. I started my work as a Postpartum Doula the next week this was more rewarding than I had thought it would be.
September an education session on Birthing From Within by a local Doula, Victoria Platenaude. I attended another education session in November on Pelvic Shapes & Fetal Positioning during labour and birth my Loree Siermachesky. My passion for my work growing all the time with experiences and the education to back me up.

On reflection of 2010, I did accomplish many of my dreams they just never come out as I think they will. As you may see my focus has changed, and my passion has matured.

So to 2011 and all the very best.