Monday, November 26, 2012

Loree Chantelle and Abigail
 A place that I had only heard grand stories about and read in books of enchanting powerful and family empowering births. Where babies are born with little to no worldly intervention and material things are useful but mean all most nothing. This great place brought new meaning and growth to my life in April of 2010; when a dear friend of mine (Andi), my doula business partner (Loree) and I made our way there on a pilgrimage of sorts and attended a midwifery assistant training workshop. Where is this place I speak of? It is just outside Summertown, Tennesse which is less than an hour from Nashville. The Farm is a remarkable place that has depth one can only imagine, it's simple peace can not be explained in all it's glory. The Midwives are not the only fame worthy people that live there but they are the reasons I have been fascinated by making my travels to The Farm. My first trip there I learned many valuable lessons, techniques (Not used by medical care providers I usually work along side) but I must say meeting Ina May Gaskin was such a delight.  Then meeting the other Farm midwives: Carol Nelson, Joann Santana, Louis Kern, Stacy and Pamela Hunt. Was more wonderful than I had thought possible. Carols soft voice telling our class just a few birth stories of the 1000 plus she has attended. Joann's Poetry about women, life, birth, death and all of it so beautiful we all found our selves drying our eyes from sadness or laughter. But of all the lovely stories, lessons and poems these history creating professionals shared with the inquisitive students I recall how they listened to us. I left The Farm knowing the power of knowledge and understanding and yet the downfall of communication. So as I try to put my experiences at The Farm into words I pray you are as lucky as I to travel there one day.

This trip I made to Nashville for the Lamaze International Conference mostly to collect credits for recertification as a Birth Doula. Hearing Ina May Gaskin start the conference off, her passion, energy and conviction literally fills the grand ballroom of the hotel as I leant in closer not wanting to miss anything. Even after all the time she has spent her life's work speaks loud and clear, ringing as true as can be. After she was finished Jack Newman a fellow Canadian presented as he does just how important a natural start in breastfeeding and bonding is. Through out the weekend we heard from great speakers. Kim James really helped me to see the other side of hospital birth that we aren't seeing clearly. 

Then my business partners (Chantelle & Loree) rented a car and went to visit The Farm with the help of directions from their web page and Loree's memory I managed to navigate us safely to The Farm. Of course it was a Sunday so not all of the shops and visiting spots were open but walking around the grounds Loree and I noticed that someone was busy in Pamela's green house so we stopped to see if she might be home. She was! We got to reconnect with her, update her on our lives and get a picture! Then she told us of an empty Birthing cabin that would be open and we were free to check out if we wanted. Did we want to? Silly. We all wondered around this little cabin chattering about all the families that might have been there. How each room might have been used. Took more pictures. I love the art these creative people decorate their walls with. We continued our wonders and found an 'OPEN HOUSE' yes someone on the farm is selling their place if you want to move there $115,000.00 for a small home and property on The Farm. I thought about it... The man selling the place caught our attention as he was playing a guitar and sing on a tree stump out side his trailer parked near the real estate. He is a personal injury attorney who used to live there full time but lately only used the place for an office away to get work done, which obviously he no longer needed. The kind man gave us a tour of the place and then a few ideas of other things that might interest us. Visiting the little tourist village were construction was underway. The Book Store, the Clinic, Community Centre/Meeting Hall and their School were all closed for the weekend. :( But we took a look around enjoying all the artistic talent. A hippie dome! Which is a sight if you have ever seen one, they are awesome. If you have the chance you must go inside and stand in the very middle a speak. Noise/sound waves do something very strange in the very middle of a dome. Such an trip! Memory lane can do crazy things, playing games with your mind. I love this place.
Outside the Birthing Cabin
A birthing stool I wish had been at my births (inside the Birthing Cabin)
Loree Pamela and Abigail

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tested and loved it The Bliss Bravado Nursing Bra

After Linnden King with the local Mommy Connections informed me that Bravado was looking for 'testers' breastfeeding mothers who would try out the mother's choice of their line of nursing bras. 
Since I love to try new things I jumped at this chance to test Bravado's breastfeeding compatible bra with a conversion kit to a post nursing bra. I've been wearing my tester bra 'The Bliss Nursing Bra' by Bravado for a few weeks now, so I have a few things to report. It's wonderfully comfortable but functional. My favourite things about this garment are the lightly lined foam cups which nicely mask the lumpiness of breast pads, this foam also has a nice shape great for under t-shirts and summer tanks. Also the straps are not as wide as I am use to. Being an E cup size my bras usually have wider unsightly straps for support and comfort but the Bliss Nursing Bra supports with all the ease and comfort a busy mom wants while still looking cute. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bringing More Car Seat Safety to Lethbridge and Medicine Hat

My partners and I at Special Deliveries are now certified National Children’s Restraint System Technician (car seat installers).
Here is an easy guide to the laws and recommendations for each stage. 

REAR FACING (infant only seat or rear facing 5 point harness)
• Law – Birth to 22lbs AND 1yr old
• Recommendation – Birth to 22lbs, 1yr old, AND walking (as long as possible and practical)
• Install tips – Shoulder straps at or below shoulder level, chest clip at armpit level, tightened so that 1 finger fits under chest bone, no aftermarket material under child or straps, handle in downward locked position.

FORWARD FACING (5 point harness)
• Law – 22-40lbs
• Recommendation – up to 65lbs (as long as midpoint of child’s ear not above top of seat)
• Install tips – Shoulder straps at or above shoulder level, chest clip at armpit level, tightened so that 1 finger fits under chest bone, no aftermarket material under child or straps.

BOOSTER (simple booster or high back booster)
• Recommendation – 40-80lbs
• Install tips – lap belt fits snugly across hips and shoulder belt comes across middle of shoulder.

• Recommendation – 8-9yrs of age, 4’9”, AND 80lbs
• 5 Point Test – 1) Child sits all the way back 2) Knees bend comfortably over edge of seat 3) Lap belt fits snugly across hips 4) Shoulder belt comes across middle of shoulder 5) Your child can sit properly for entire trip

Always refer to vehicle manuals and child restraint manuals to help you install each seat properly. Always check the weight and heights restrictions for every seat. If you have any questions, just ask us.

If you have not purchased your babies car seat yet or are looking at moving into the next stage seat for your child checking Consumer Reports and of ratings may help you to decide which seat is right for your needs.
Keeping updated on the latest recommendations for the safest way to transport your children with Canadian and Provincial standards.

And if you wish we can help you install it properly!
You can find us on facebook, twitter or visit our webpage.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who's having this baby anyway?

Playing games to prepare expectant families for the experiences of childbirth?

It's fun, funny and educational.

Another great tool for doulas.  I could see how playing this game may help open a dialog that is important to the pregnant couple in a more fun and less uncomfortable manner and discussions that might get over looked.

All players start their journey around the board in bed at the 'conception' square. Moving along by drawing cards from each 'trimesters' stack all the while learning as they go. Finally as with childbirth the couple reaches the first stage in labor. Then the first player to deliver their baby 'wins' the game and gets to turn the centre card over finding out the sex, weight and name of their 'baby(ies)'. In my case 'twin girls Trudy & Judy both over 7lbs' due to a prolapsed umbilical cord I had to deliver by cesarean section.

Get this game for your self at their website, like them on facebook.

As a member of the Lethbridge Doula Association I enjoyed playing this game at our fun social meeting this evening.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October is Car Seat Safety Awareness Month

Come have your child's car seat or booster checked.

Special Deliveries Doula Services is proudly sponsoring events coming to both Lethbridge (Oct 19) and Medicine Hat (Oct 5) in the next month. Working in conjunction with their local Police Services, St. John Ambulance and Safety City in both cities we are putting on FREE Car Seat Clinics.

Please click on the name of each city for more info.

Don't forget to 'Like' us on facebook to stay up to date.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Back in the saddle ;)

There is nothing like a little break to renew ones love for another.

Having taken some time off after the birth of my son in May of this year, I am back in a big way. Exciting new changes and a busy schedule of births, postpartum and special events. My passion for the work that I do as a Doula is greater than it has ever been. Of course like everything there are many contributing factors for the joy that I am feeling about my job. My clientele current and past, the people in my life who support me and my business partners.  
 My clients are wonderful, truly each of them are so sweet, kind hearted and have the most beautiful families. Continually pushing me in the direction I need to go and learning through each experience.  My family who has been supporting me in every way they can making it not only possible but sharing in my drive to support the families of Lethbridge through their time of pregnancy to postpartum. Of course last but not least my new doula partners. First let me just say how much I love these Doulas. Where to begin is hard to know, I have never known women so understanding, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Loree and Chantelle share the same values as I about supporting families.  Their business drive can only be admired. I am so proud to be apart of this up lifting group.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnant Momma & Doula

My resolutions to learn new things, get creative, and enjoy each moment for all it's worth has been great fun and occationally busy!

Nature walks with my son riding in the wagon or on his sled when the ground is covered is snow.

Parent a Tots FREE ice skating at out local areas.

A fun family ski trip to Castle Mountain.

I won an Award for Surprise Blocker with the Deathbridge Derby Dames.

Finished the hooded baby blanket. (my first knitting project for baby #2)

I have created some amazing art pieces, enjoyed learning many new technics and refining my skills at artistic talents.

We have really enjoyed a creative family focused winter. Along with the 8 birth I attended.