Birth Services

It all starts with the client and doula Interview:
I will meet with you to see if the services I offer are right for you and the birth experience of your choice. Take as much time as you need to make this decision. A spot will be held for you form up to 3 weeks if I don't I hear back from you either way this spot will be open for someone else.  There is no pressure and  no charge for this meeting. This visit can be anytime during your pregnancy, it's never too late or too early to start planning your birth team. (This meeting may take place where ever you feel comfortable wether that be you home, favourite coffee house or lunching spot)

Birth Doula Services:
I will need to plan up to 3 prenatal visits once you have made your decision to hire me and up to 3 postpartum visits to take place within the first week after birth. (These will take place in the comfort of your home if your partner can attend that is wonderful)

Our first visit is to chat about your dreams for this birth, your ideas, feelings you are having, and the expectations you have of labour and childbirth. My role in general through your birthing experience. We will sign a contract at this visit along with a few general documents.

The next time we meet will be for a labour and birthing preparation session. For in depth understanding of the process through your birth experience, and the role I will fill within this. Partner's will be shown how they can be as involved as they wish, so that the birth experience is positive for both of you.

Our last visit is to discuss and prepare the great transition into being parent's, general baby care and breastfeeding (if this is your choice).

As your doula I will be with you throughout your labour and assisting you in your birthing efforts. Offering my experience and advice on comfort measures such as massage, breathing, relaxation, visualization, movement and positioning. I am there for you and your partner as emotional support of reassurance, encouragement, and understand.

Having a doula in attendance allows the family a more practical role with less pressure to assist you, knowing that your doula will be with you, family is free to take care of practicalities such as: arranging for childcare, making freezer meals, completing hospital forms, able to take a break when needed, knowing that in those busy moments, you will be in professional care. Partner's can relax into their role as loving spouse. During those intimate moments as a couple, I will honour your privacy but stay close by to be called back when you are ready.

On-call 24 hour support in your prenatal and postpartum experience. Be reassured that you can ask your doula anything, at anytime of day. This is one of the most wonderful advantages of having a doula.

Cost: $650-$800
We will discus all payment options at out interview and then again upon signing of the contract.  I go on-call at 38 weeks. Other payment options are available as you may qualify for a sliding scale program if you are on social assistance.

Other services I provide for additional fees:
~Belly Casting (best between 34-37 weeks gestation)
~Belly Painting and photography
~Mother Blessing Way ceremony
~Baby-Wearing consultations
~Cloth Diapering basics

Services on a referral bases:
~Placental encapsulation (must obtain placenta for this)
~Prenatal Education Classes
~Prenatal and Newborn photography sessions
~Mehndi Henna Belly Art

Abigail's belief that every woman deserves the support of her choice is founded in the customs of many countries and cultures where birth is experienced differently than we know of it in North America.  Where families throughout all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are supported by other women and families from their communities.  Supporters who have understanding from having traveled the journey of giving birth and witnessing life born.

This type of invaluable support can be found in the services of a professional doula.  Through different methods of emotional, informational and physical support, doulas support women, their partners and families through the adventures of pregnancy, labour and childbirth and then through the learning curve after birth, known as postpartum.  Abigail's familiarity and experience with breastfeeding, the importance of mother's and baby's bonding relationship, infant care and after-birth support assists a family through their transition.