Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who's having this baby anyway?

Playing games to prepare expectant families for the experiences of childbirth?

It's fun, funny and educational.

Another great tool for doulas.  I could see how playing this game may help open a dialog that is important to the pregnant couple in a more fun and less uncomfortable manner and discussions that might get over looked.

All players start their journey around the board in bed at the 'conception' square. Moving along by drawing cards from each 'trimesters' stack all the while learning as they go. Finally as with childbirth the couple reaches the first stage in labor. Then the first player to deliver their baby 'wins' the game and gets to turn the centre card over finding out the sex, weight and name of their 'baby(ies)'. In my case 'twin girls Trudy & Judy both over 7lbs' due to a prolapsed umbilical cord I had to deliver by cesarean section.

Get this game for your self at their website, like them on facebook.

As a member of the Lethbridge Doula Association I enjoyed playing this game at our fun social meeting this evening.

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