Sunday, January 09, 2011

Enjoyment or Fulfilment

Taking my new years plan to: have more fun, get serious about relaxation and enjoy a much needed slow down in our schedule has been more work than one might think.

As young girls my mother taught all of her daughters to knit and crochet so the reality of starting my first project of 2011 and for the new baby should be fairly easy, but seriously it took me 2days of scanning my mothers knitting books for me to find the perfect "start me off on this adventure project" I finally settled on a hooded baby blanket that can easily double as a new born's bath towel. I bought 5 balls of 100% cotton yarn (machine wash and dry). I stopped of at the Public Library picked out a few audio books and last night I began knitting my first project for our baby (who is due at the end of April)

I will be starting my art classes tomorrow evening. Then I will be writing about the beautiful things I am making and the process for learning art. Like everything I dive in with the greatest dreams of becoming the best, famous, and loving a new hobby to the fullest. This one is no different.

I will say that the lack of stress in my life feels absolutely amazing and I sure don't miss it!

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